I am always amazed at the many uses a single toy can have. C, my preschool son, is working on his alphabet recognition skills mainly the lower case letters. In order to help him, I put together a quick alphabet game that he can play with his sister. It is called Alphabet Car Wash.

Loving this alphabet car wash activity- it helps with preschool letter recognition, writing the alphabet as well as fine motor skills

J, my kindergarten daughter, has been working on her writing skills and so I was happy that this activity is such a great fit for them. Sure she knows all her preschool letters and is working on her reading skills but those pesky ‘b’ and ‘d’ letters are such a nuisance. This activity is great for anyone working on:

  • alphabet recognition (upper and or lower case)
  • writing the letters of the alphabet
  • fine motor skills


What You Need To Play

In order to play our fun alphabet game, you will need the following: (please note that affiliate links are used below for your convenience)

How To Play Alphabet Car Wash

Loving this alphabet car wash activity- it helps with preschool letter recognition, writing the alphabet as well as fine motor skills

  1. Place a few alphabet tiles in a small container and allow your first player to pick a tile.
  2. Allow them to read the letter to you quietly so that player 2 does not hear.
  3. Player 1 draws the letter on the car and hands it to player 2.
  4. Player 2 then reads the letter. If read correctly, the car can be washed.

See, a fun game that both a preschooler (and even a toddler) can play together with a kindergartner. Oh and you may want to keep a towel handy in case it gets a bit wet. You have been warned.

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