It is no secret that we are a homeschooling family. As a result, our back to school will look a little bit different from what most people are used to. First of all, we homeschool year round and second of all we don’t need to worry about a back to school teacher’s gift or back to school outfits. Today I will share with you 4 things that we did to prepare my daughter for kindergarten.

4 back to school tips to make preparing for school easier. Why not start the new year stress free?

Back to School Tip #1: Picture Day

Little kids are busy and never sit still when you want them to however we were able to get some pictures done granted C cried through the entire session so I will not be sharing his. What can I say, my son is a little diva. J however smiled and did her silly faces in true J-like style.

Our photoshoot plan was pretty simple: I asked them to hold up a blank surface and then edited it to place what grades they will be going in. Instead, I came up with this:

First Day of School Pics

Back to School Tip #2: Talk About It

J hates surprises and loves to be eased into things. I have previously made mistakes of not telling her that she had family coming to visit and she sat and stared at them for over an hour- I decided to do all changes smoothly from then on.

Every day for about 2 weeks I would remind her and say, “You are growing up! Did you know that you start kindergarten soon?” This clearly worked as everyone J comes into contact with now knows she is in kindergarten and she is so excited about it.


Back to School Tip #3: Special Breakfast

On the 6th of July (the night before our first day) I asked J what she wanted for her special breakfast. Her response was hotdogs and so she got hotdogs for breakfast. I am not sure who was more surprised- her because she got what she requested or me because I gave her what she requested.


Back to School Tip #4: Choose School Supplies Together

My daughter is a stationery junkie just like her mommy. When the chance came for her to choose what binders, crayons etc. she wanted she was so excited and I was so thankful that I was experiencing this with her. If you want a peak at our list, trust me its not all pens and pencils, then simply click OUR BACK TO HOMESCHOOL CHECK LIST.

This is our back to homeschool checklist that has a bit more that pens and pencils.. I hope it helps with your homeschool organization



How do you prepare for back to school even if you don’t homeschool? Don’t forget to check out what the other members of the #teachECE team has for you.


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