Growing up in Jamaica, we always created ring games when we were outside. A ring game is simply a game played with a group of children outside. Perhaps later on I will share a few of them with you. Most of the time, they made absolutely no sense but they were always entertaining. Today I will be sharing with you a game that I created for J to work on her fine and gross motor skills. Playful Preschool is a themed series between preschool bloggers using playful ways to teach different subjects. Let’s walk.

Does your preschooler love apples? Are you looking for a fun game that involves apples? Try this fun apple activity called 1,2,3 red apple
1,2,3 Red Apple is a fine and gross motor skills game that was inspired by the Jamaican game, 123 Red Light. Here is how you start.

First, print out the 123 red apple instruction cards on cardstock as well as the 123 Red Apple sign. Cut out the instructions card and create a deck. Glue the 1,2,3 Red Apple sign to a popsicle stick for easy handling.

How To Play

Aim: To allow your preschooler to get as close to you as possible.

1. Stand at one end of the room if you are indoors. If you are playing outdoors, then have a sizeable distance between yourself and your child. Create a marker for where your child should start as well as where you will be standing. This will be the finish line for the game.

2. Tell your preschooler not to move until you turn your back. Once your back is turned, you are going to call out,” 1, 2, 3 Red Apple!” and then lift up your red apple sign to signify that your preschooler has to stop moving wherever they are. While your back is turned, your preschooler will be inching up closer and closer to the finish line (you).

3. You then hand your preschooler the deck of cards and read the first instruction. One example of this is, “JUMP”. Your preschooler then has to jump on the spot.

4. Return to your spot and turn your back and repeat steps 1 to step 3.

5. The game is complete when your child has made it to the finish line.

You may even want to create additional instructions to the game if you would like.

Have fun!!!

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