And we are back! Did you miss #TeachECE? Well although J is now in kindergarten, C is almost at the preschool stage so most of my posts  will be split between them. Today’s topic is about making friends and as a homeschooler, this is a constant hot topic. I have already answered the question of socialization in detail and so you can click DON’T HOMESCHOOL! YOUR KIDS WON’T BE SOCIALIZED! Today I will be sharing with you 3 ways to help your preschoolers and kindergarten kids make friends, even if you homeschool.


making friends even when you homeschool


Making Friends Tip #1: Playdates

Although homeschooled kids will not be surrounded my children their age for the majority of the day, they do have an alternative. Playdates, whether themed or simple are something that we do quite frequently with my kids. As a matter of fact, we have even come to realize that my daughter genuinely seems to enjoy the company of kids that are a bit older- perhaps she believes she is an 8 year old.


Making Friends Tip #2: Social Gatherings

There are so many options that are available socially. Right now we are waiting for my daughter be reach the required age to join a few of them such as girls guides and a kids horse riding class. In the meantime she does have the social gatherings that our church provides- chalk it up to being a pastor’s kid.


Making Friends Tip #3: Sports

This is one area I am really looking forward to seeing my kids participate in. We have a local baseball team as well as hockey (we do live in Canada), figure skating, karate as well as swimming and ballet. If they do excel in sports then there are clubs and leagues to join as well. I aim to expose my kids to as many opportunities as possible.


What are your tips for helping your kids to make friends?

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