Ever wondered how to teach the alphabet? First, it should be a fun and experience for both the student and the teacher. Why should it be fun?  It allows your child to be more receptive to learning and to enjoy the process of learning. When I taught Jael her alphabet, we did so many preschool letter activities with one goal in mind. That goal was to  ENSURE THAT ITS FUN FOR HER. Caleb (my son) is about to start his pre-preschool journey (is that a thing?) and so he will be learning his letters as well fairly soon. Today I will share with you 3 of the activities that I have done with Jael to help her learn the alphabet.

Working on those preschool letters? Here are just 3 methods you can use to teach the alphabet to your kids


1) Purchase Leap Frog Letter Factory

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I have a confession to make. I was never the one to initiate Jael’s alphabet knowledge. We were walking in a supermarket when she was younger and she simply pointed out the letter O. Obviously, I thought this was a fluke and simply nodded. Jael however, continued to point out other letters and then I realized, “Boy do I have my hands full”.

Our go-to activity for exposure to the alphabet (short of sticking up a chart in their room and singing the alphabet song) is Leap Frog Letter Factory.

Once she was singing the letters, we bought the Leap Frog Letter Factory Phonics Game (below on the right). Actually, Caleb enjoys playing with this one and he is obsessed with the letter O.

 Leapfrog: Letter Factory LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics



2) Preschool Letter Worksheets

Okay before you jump down my throat about worksheets and early childhood let me say this: My kid loves worksheets. Secondly, our worksheets consist of hands-on activities such as playdough mats and dot pages as J loves dot markers.

Preschool Letter Worksheets


3) Create a few preschool letter activities

Ever thought a sensory bin could help your child learned the letters of the alphabet? Or wondered just how to use those magnetic letters that you may have stepped on one too many times? Well, they are a huge help in our house. Below you will find just a few of our preschool letter activities.



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