Last week our preschool lesson plan focused on butterflies. I created a butterfly pack that my daughter J loved, especially the painting sheets. Once we were done with our sheets, I realized I completely forgot to talk about the butterfly life cycle! Today for #PlayfulPreschool I will be sharing with you our  twist on the butterfly life cycle as well as free butterfly life cycle cards.

Learning about the butterfly life cycle? Try this preschool activity- Playdough Butterfly Life Cycle

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Okay, so I try to be as hands on and creative as I can with my daughter’s learning and I figured… why not demonstrate the butterfly life cycle with playdough??


First I showed J the butterfly life cycle cards and explained each stage as best as I could. I told her that the butterfly lays her eggs on leaves (I was going by the card). These eggs are very small and they actually stick to the leaves.

After a certain period of time, the eggs hatch and caterpillars emerge from the eggs. These caterpillars are extremely hungry when they hatch. They are so hungry that they eat the leaf that they were born on. The more that the caterpillar eats, the more the caterpillar grows. Once he has reached a size he is happy with he creates a chrysalis.

Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar is changing. He is growing wings and his shape is changing. When he emerges, he is a butterfly.

Once we were finished explaining the cards (which can be found at the end of this post) it was on to applying what we learnt. I grabbed her playdough and we decided to see how we can mold and create each stage of the butterfly life cycle.


Butterfly Life Cycle Cards

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or the entire butterfly life cycle unit study:

Use this fun packed butterfly life cycle unit study pack to help your kids work on their alphabet with preschool letter puzzles, consonant blends activities as well as short vowels and other preschool math and kindergarten math such as addition activities.

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