With winter in full gear, this week’s Playful Preschool lesson plan is the Arctic. I decided to up the ante on J’s preschool sensory activities and created a mini arctic world. Let’s walk.

Arctic world preschool sensory activities

To say that this mini world was a hit would be a huge understatement. I knew that my daughter was a sensory junkie but the minute she saw the mini world her first words were, “Oh boy indeed!” (She is not allowed to say OMG ;))

What You Need

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First decide where you want your pool of water to be and then place your dish there.

Next fill your bin with snow, lots of it. If you do not have any snow at the moment you can simply use cotton balls or use coloured ice like we did in this post.

Once your bin is filled, add a few drops of blue food colouring to your dish and then fill it with water.

arctic world preschool sensory activites full view

Sculpt your mini world. I attempted to make a hill top as well as an area that the penguins could slide down.

Invite your preschooler to come an play, if they are not already begging to do so.


Extended Play

Once your preschooler is fully into playing with the arctic mini world, start adding to their vocabulary. I told J that she is playing with her arctic bin. She then asked what arctic meant.

We also discussed the different animals in her bin. She noted a few differences between the emperor penguin and the other penguins. She attempted to say Beluga whale and it was the most adorable thing ever.

arctic world preschool sensory activities 2

The scientist in her then took over and she started to add the snow to the water. She then realize it melted and soon a bulk of the snow was poured into the pool. Once that was done she decided to throw the animals into the pool to see if the water would then splash on the snow and colour it blue.

J playing with her arctic sensory bin - preschool sensory activities

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