Does your preschooler or kindergartner love teddy bears? Are you trying to figure out a few activities for the teddy bear preschool theme? Today I will be sharing a few teddy bear preschool activities that are inspired by one of J’s favourite math books.

Teddy Bear Preschool Theme Counting Book Activities

J loves her books -I even shared one of her all time favourites on the Learning 2 Walk Facebook Page this week. C is following close behind as he prefers to sneak into his tent with a book and look at the pictures and ignore the world. What is J’s favourite math book you may ask and how does it tie in with the Teddy Bear preschool themes?

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Teddy Bear Counting of course!

Okay, how did J use this book to learn and have fun? It’s quite simple really. First we read the book through once so she can familiarize herself with what she wants to do with her teddy bear counters. Once we got the reading done, the real fun began.


First she worked on creating shapes with her teddy bear counters.

Teddy bear preschool theme was a hit with our teddy bear counters. Here is a circle that my daughter made from the teddy bears.


She also created a square with 4 bears as opposed to using all the counters.

Create a square as one of the many teddy bear preschool theme activities that can be done.


Once she was finished creating shapes, she created sets by numbers and by colours. Below is an example of her creating a set of 3 and then lining them up as she saw fit.

Create sets in your math activities for a fun teddy bear preschool theme.

My daughter enjoyed our fun teddy bear activities and I am sure your children (students) will too.



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